Asbestos Removal in Whitehorse

You may have heard of asbestos and been told that you need to remove it from your home or business. However, you may not know why asbestos abatement and removal are important. All Pro Yukon helps property owners in the Whitehorse area with these problems. We can educate you on why you need to eliminate asbestos, and we can resolve your problem with a skilled hand.

Safety for Your Family or Workers

For a long time, asbestos was widely used in construction and valued for its strength, insulation, and resistance to fire. But as time went on, health professionals discovered that asbestos dust is toxic. Because the body cannot process it, breathing in asbestos dust can cause conditions like lung cancer and even lead to death.

Some forms of asbestos are more dangerous than others. For example, flooring or ceiling tiles that contain asbestos won’t release dust unless they suffer a blow or other impact, so, someone with such materials may be able to work on asbestos abatement over time.
However, children and pets are particularly vulnerable to asbestos dust. If children or animals will enter your home or business, you need to prioritize asbestos removal on the fastest timetable you can manage.

Care for Your Property

Asbestos removal or abatement is a job best left to professionals. Disturbing asbestos materials can release tiny asbestos particles, so asbestos products need to be removed carefully so that the removal doesn’t create the dust you’re trying to keep away from.
All Pro Yukon is an ideal choice for asbestos abatement or removal in the Whitehorse area not only because of our professional skill with asbestos, but also because we are trained in construction work. As we safely remove asbestos from your property, we’ll use our knowledge of carpentry to make sure that the removal doesn’t make your rebuilding or remodeling harder.

When you hire All Pro Yukon, you’ll work with professionals who can save you money in the long run by providing high-caliber work. Contact us at (867) 335-1087 to learn more.